ACT II – The Prelude

Captains Log | Star-date: 73749.3

Okay, so putting thirty years into one blog post is fairly impossible. I’ll do my best not to ramble and take you on a tale that spans space and time, the story of my curiosity journey of my extraordinary ordinary life.

Born a Saturday child, on the seventh day of the fifth month, I am a child of spring. Blossom outside on the trees was beginning to fall, as the freshly blooming buds were awakening the flowers and greenery of spring.

I was born to the rolling hills and little rivers of the shire, to a ballet dancer and scientist, I had no idea of the world that I had entered, my childhood was filled with love, adventure and curiosity. That curiosity stayed with me and remains to this day.

I never had just one dream, I just wanted to live. I wanted to explore the world, to experience it for myself. I knew there were many things in life that I hoped I’d do, as the world continued to evolve around me, more dreams made themselves present in my mind as my reality continued to develop.

While I may go into more of this at later times, I think the thing that I can tell you, is that I tried to make my mistakes in my twenties, so that I could be good and prosper in my thirties – let me tell you, life if anything, is unpredictable. Life can change in a second, so while I do my best in my thirties to not make mistakes, it’s imminent and not worth torturing yourself over – as long as you make amends. While I don’t believe it’s possible to live a mistake free life, I do believe you can bring good karma, by making amends and understanding the lesson you have learned.

I had many wonderful experiences, of those I have landed where I sit today, sipping coffee and writing those post as I embark on this venture. I live in the North of England, it’s pretty here. I’m not native to the North, I grew up on the border of three counties, but adventured and journeyed far and wide across the country to the south, East and West before venturing to the North and making a home for myself.

I’ll be sharing some posts that will make you feel you know me a little better in time, for today, I’ll say I’m an adventurer, a wild wanderlust spirit on the adventure of her life.

It is my mission to share that journey with you all here, so that you may share my experiences and live my life with me as I continue to explore. I hope you’ll find comfort in my words, entertainment but mostly, I hope reading the words written here, will make you feel like you found a friend. My favourite blogs are the ones that make me feel like I’m talking with a friend when I’m reading them.

With the world in lock-down, it seemed a good time to bring my words back to the internet, to let TCMG awaken from her slumber and allow myself to connect with the world as I watch it day by day from the window during these strange times.

While being let out to be a free-range human once again feels like it may be on the distant horizon, I instead will share my adventures of days gone by with you all here, maybe even inspire your own adventures for when the strangest of days are behind us.

For the moment, won’t you join me on the wildest stories from my curiosity journey of this extraordinary ordinary life?…

Live long & prosper, my tribe of humans.

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