From classical Ballet to modern, tap, contemporary and commercial, I have loved dance my entire life. My mother was a professional ballet dancer, she inspired in me the passion for dance at a young age. A passion that has been in my life and continues to burn brightly within me. After surgery left me unable to pursue dance for some time, I found myself at a loss physically and mentally. Enter Neptune Girls….

I remember the nurse holding my hand as she stuck my arm with the needle, a twinge of pain coursed through my nerves, it was nothing compared to the utter fear I felt in the pit of my stomach. ‘It’s a routine operation we do everyday, we are just going to put you to sleep, make three small incisions….’

I’ll spare you the gory details, but that day in a hospital bed miles from my family about to undergo emergency surgery to have an organ removed, I was filled with fear. A million thoughts flooded my mind as tears rolled gently down my face. I had so much I still wanted to do. I suddenly realized how much I had truly been taking for granted in this beautiful life.

That operation not only set me back physically, but it triggered in me something I’d never felt before. I won’t lie, following that operation I struggled. It was a routine operation to remove my gallbladder. I am pleased to say it went well, I had no complications and live mostly the same lifestyle as I did before (minus a few changes I have made to respect my body, my health and my life.)

The issues I felt in my mind were mirrored in my physical appearance, I put on weight, binge eating and binge starving myself causing more damage to my body. When I finally almost 12 months to the day, find myself in a healthier pattern of eating and being physical, I still find I wobble on days with my mental health. I’m not diagnosed as having any mental health illnesses, but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel the waning effects of my emotions and anxieties of life as I experience it.

I moved half way across the country in that recovery time and did not know many people, when I felt quite lost, I found Neptune Girls, or rather, they found me I think. This online community of humans gravitate around the core pillars of the Neptune Girls, which is dance and well-being. While I could no longer attend physical classes due to geography, I joined the online community. Weekly dance tutorials delivered by video that I could complete in a space comfortable and safe to me; I began week by week to build my confidence back up. Every now and then I steal a few hours away to myself to watch learn and dance the choreography.

Before the world was in lock-down, this was my way to stay in contact with the Neptune Girls community from a world away. Even during lock-down I am able to fit it around my regular routine and when the world returns to regular, I can even do the sessions around my other dance classes in the north. It’s not just the choreography that I found good for me, it was also the well-being sessions. They not only focus on body positivity but on mental health and mindfulness well-being too.

The community was certainly a good place for me to find my confidence in my own skin again, not only that I found that making friends with the girls from Neptune was also making me realize how toxic some of my friendships earlier in my life had been. The friends I have made at Neptune Girls are great and it’s been a great way to meet people I may not have had the chance to meet.

On the topic of friendships, I want to take a moment just to mention Neptune Girl founder, Carly Ann, Carly inspires me a lot. It’s not just Carly’s sass and zest for life that made me want to know her, but she inspired me on a deeper level. For those of you who remember TCMG 1.0, you know my music business I ran, my online store (that’s undergoing revamping – yay!) and what I recognized in Carly, motivated me to get through my dark days and pursue all the ambitions I had set myself. Carly is a trained coach and dance teacher, I just want to assure you, you are in good, safe hands when you join Neptune Girls.

The online choreography is great and you can do as many or as few of the choreography videos that you like. Dancing is good for your soul, your body and your mind; Neptune Girls is a great way to take up dance, even if you aren’t a dancer at all. The classes are super newbie friendly and the community are so uplifting, that I certainly recommend taking your first steps to body positivity. If you want to develop you can do that too as there are also classes that allow for more in-depth choreography too. If you would like to join the online community you can do so here. Alongside your weekly dance videos you will also receive other materials that will help you make lifestyle changes in a safe and supported environment.

It’s not just the choreography that I recommend; I’ve done courses in well-being and I’ve trained in meditation and yoga in order to share mindfulness with the world. I’ve been passionate about well-being for a long time and I can tell you, that Neptune Girls has a great foundation for anyone needing some coaching and assistance in putting the building blocks in place for a life of balance and improved well-being.

The mission and vision that make up the ethos at Neptune Girls, is certainly worth mentioning. This whole community has been built by the vision of it’s founder, and every dancer lives and breathes that ethos making it a great space to find yourself in.

If this is where your interest sits, if you would like to make lifestyle changes, but aren’t sure of the first steps to take, then I definitely recommend the Neptune Girls online membership. The tasks that you can take at your own pace are incredible for allowing you to strengthen and balance your well-being.

My journey ahead is filled with ideas and dreams but Neptune Girls is one aspect I intent to continue with. I love being a Neptune Girl. I love that Neptune Girls brought me back from a bad place and taught me to let my inner spirit roam wild and free. I’m more confident and sassy, I know my self-worth and I’m fueled to make the most of my life, thanks to this community.

Live long and prosper, my tribe of humans

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