TCMG 2.0

Captains Log | Star-date: 73749.2

Upon deciding to return to the blogosphere, I decided that a space refresh was necessary. A space on the internet that I could make my own. With that in mind, I have relaunched TCMG (The Cosmic Mergypsie), where I will begin updating my lifes adventures daily & thus continue to develop my writing skills and passion for adventuring.

For those of you not familiar with TCMG, The Cosmic Mergypsie is a personal blog that I began way back in twenty-thirteen. In seven years, I’ve accomplished many things and lived many lives. Deciding to return to the world of blogging is a natural evolution for me, thus I wanted to refresh the space to bring it into this century, to let it develop throughout this era of my life.

TCMG 2.0 sees a wide array of topics featured, I decided to do this because this space is designed for me to share my curiosity journey of my life with the world – that in itself is not limited to one topic or passion, I have many interests and have decided to share those with you all here. I do not want to limit myself to one type of topic, I instead invite you along to live the journey with me.

I will continue to share features just as I did throughout my twenties; though now in my thirties, I consider the content a little more, let’s say refined. Over the past few years I’ve been on a journey of self discovery and creation, a journey I feel blessed to have taken because it has led me to here. This space, this will be where I share the adventures, journal posts and curiosity journey of my extraordinary ordinary life.

TCMG featured words and images from life in my twenties on my adventures. TCMG 2.0 will feature the words and images alongside videos and visual content pushing my technological evolution further as well as the topics covered.

One of the recommendations of this first post was to describe why I am doing this publicly on a blog, rather than privately in a journal. Well, the truth is, I have a passion for storytelling. In my experiences, the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made along the way, they are the ones that inspired me with their own stories. Besides, isn’t the old adage, that life is better when shared?

If you happen to find yourself surfing the web and pop by this space, then make yourself at home while I share my life story with you. This space is here for any human or alien (I want to believe) on their cosmic journey through the galaxy, so I hope you’ll find comfort, entertainment and wonder among these posts.

I’m not setting ambitions for the space as I’ve found from experience, that these things are best done when they are able to evolve naturally. The first chapter of blogging for me, led to me creating and managing my own business during my twenties, I never planned for it, I tend to go less for it being written in the stars and more for allowing myself the freedom to create and evolve without boundary.

I do so love the stars, the cosmic universe that we exist in, so with my flare for the theatrical, I will continue to share my journal posts as captains logs, with an abstract at the beginning of each post before I ramble off. I will be posting features about my personal experiences, adventures, quest for knowledge, fashion, beauty and style, space, the cosmos and science, performance, larping, cosplay and gaming, dance, yoga and well-being. If that wasn’t enough in twenty-twenty, I’ve made a commitment to share my love of history and nature by sharing my adventures to places of interest & places of lore. All topped with crystal healing, tarot reading and life as an evolving human.

I guess with any season II or Act II as I am calling it (I still have a love for the theatrical aspects of life!) it’s fair to do a ‘previously on’ at the beginning, so the post to follow this shall be just that, The Prelude to Act II.

For these are strange times we are living in, so why not allow myself to delve into my weirdness, my quirkiness and share my unique curiosity journey of this extraordinary, ordinary life with you all.

Live long & prosper, my tribe of humans.

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