Join Captain Lexi aboard the Venus-Valkyrie as she takes you on a curiosity journey through time & space…

The Venus-Valkyrie – A cosmic star-ship destined for curiosity journeys through time & space.

Journey into the cosmos with the Venus-Valkyrie & it’s captain Lexi; as she takes you from the planet Earth out into the Solar System & further out into the universe. During our curiosity journey, you’ll discover not only knowledge & information about the universe but also that of Planet Earth, the space we call home & expand your mind to understand the future of the planet & the wider cosmos.

We’re going to go back in time on a journey of beginnings, for the adventure of a lifetime through time & space. History has been unfolding for almost fourteen billion years; yet way back before the planets, the sun & the galaxy, before the night sky was filled with stars, that, that is where our journey begins…

Ahead is the star-ship the Venus-Valkyrie, she will take you on your cosmic journey. ‘Crew are to check their suits before boarding‘ a voice announces as a woman steps down to let you board. ‘Ahoy there curiosity crew, you appear to be set for adventure, make your way on board the ship. Droids, set the navigation system, we will shortly be departing.’ The woman steps onto the ship and heads past you to the head of the bridge. There are several rose gold droids moving about the bridge twisting dials and entering co-ordinates. ‘Set the ship to warp speed & let us see what’s she’s made of.’ The woman commands the droids, then as the interface begins to light up and hum heavily, she turns to face you. ‘I’m Captain Lexi & I’ll be guiding you through the cosmos on this curiosity journey. You’re in for one hell of a ride, so make sure your strapped in and let’s begin our journey….’

From the window of the Venus-Valkyrie, you admire the view as the ship leaps to warp speed.

[Whirring & buzzing hints at the beginning of the ships energy core jumping to life.] You feel the entire ship begin to rattle, you look at the other crew uncertain of what is happening. You look to Lexi, she beams a smile back at you.
The ship begins to buzz as energy zaps around the outer shell of the craft & through the window the planets & stars begin to shift their shape, merging into blurry flashes of light before the ship lurches forward jumping to hyper speed, taking with her the crew back in time & space for the first stop on their cosmic journey.

We’ve arrived, almost fourteen billion years in the past from the present day we find ourselves here in the darkness. Not alone though, for there’s something ahead too small to see with the human eye, smaller than even an atom. The orb appears as though it is pulsing with energy, like sparks dancing around each other ready to ignite…‘Droids magnify object ahead’ [One of the droids pulls levers and adjusts the view from the main screen showing the path ahead of the ship. Your attention is taken away from the droid to the orb, which is glowing, it’s brighter against the stark darkness surrounding it than anything you have ever seen.]

The orb appears to balance just ahead of the ship, surrounded by the vast emptiness of space.

Within a fraction of a second this tiny fragment has developed from the size of an atom, to the size of a galaxy. The energy continues to increase in size & mass as it continues to expand outwardly. The silence of space before it shattered with the color, the buzz of energy & all cosmic matter entwining to become the essence of the universe as we know it today. The start of all time, all matter & energy that will unfold to become the ever widening universe that exists beyond our moon, our sun, our solar system, our galaxy.

The orb appears to expand exponentially ahead of you.

From the infinite universe that we stare upon, in it’s stark darkness, this mass continues to evolve every second, expanding furiously & wildly in the moment of the big bang. You watch the stars, the energy, the particles that will form the building blocks of life as we know it being formed, being spewed outwardly into the nothingness of space; yet dancing around each other, humming & bouncing off other particles of energy, like attracting magnets in some science experiment…‘we are witnessing the birth of the universe. Lexi smiles as you stare in awe.

The rainbow of colors, the sparking particles & gassy energy continues to expand outwardly as if it were consuming every inch of empty space around it. [Closer and closer it hums toward the Venus Valkyrie, the ship begins to clunk and grind as it maneuvers backwards from the expanding orb of energy.]

Incredible, that every part of the universe as we know it today, was at this time enveloped in this orb, this light, infinitely hot mass of energy no larger than the size of an atom. Exploding to release energy & space, time began to tick as the universe began to expand. The orb is ever expanding, evolving and beginning to change.

The orb is expanding at unprecedented speed releasing energy, it seems to envelope the ship as it continues to expand outwardly.

Scientists can’t be sure of what happened to form the mass of energy that caused the big bang, but they do know that seconds after it occurred the mass of energy was already expanding outwardly.
The universe started out at a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a minute old, when the mass of energy forming the universe was no larger than a marble.

During this moment of incredible expansion the orb was very unstable & as the universe began to inflate expanding in all directions at once, it began to cool simultaneously.
A few billionths of a second later this tiny universe was the size of Mars & in the seconds that followed that, it was eighty times the size of our home planet Earth.
While this orb was buzzing & increasing in size, around a trillionth of a second after The Big Bang, it was not made up of matter – just pure energy.

It was Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2 that taught us that energy & mass are interchangeable. It taught us how the universe was formed, how pure energy transformed into particles of matter. Creating both matter & anti-matter, when these met, they obliterated each other, becoming locked in a battle to the death. If they annihilated each other the universe would remain neutral full of energy but no matter. No matter would mean nothing to form the building blocks of life; but the levels of matter & anti-matter were unbalanced. Resulting in that for every one million anti-matter particles formed, there were one million and one particles of matter formed, meaning that tiny imbalance was enough to become responsible for everything you find in the universe in the current day.

The infant universe is beginning to evolve due to unbalanced levels of matter and anti-matter.

From experiments carried out on planet Earth with matter, the discovery found that a brand new type of matter was formed. Breaking down previous theories of the early universe being formed of gas, these experiments showed this new type of energy forming in the tiny universe actually to be a liquid.

This liquid was super hot, one hundred million times hotter than the surface of the sun. It flowed almost perfectly, it had no viscosity, due to it’s incredible temperature. The scientists at Brookhaven who completed this experiment succeeded in creating conditions that existed over thirteen billion years ago to form the universe as we know it today.

Despite being this perfect liquid form, the universe was incredibly unstable full of sub-atomic particles smashing into one another at such velocity that if they didn’t begin to slow they would never bond to form particles, meaning the universe could never create galaxies, stars, suns or planets.

Liquid matter forming the fabric of the universe.

After the incredible turmoil of the initial big bang, the universe looks as though it is beginning to calm. Three minutes following the big bang, the universe has cooled sufficiently enough to form protons and neutrons.

[The vibration of the Venus Valkyrie’s engine powering down can be felt by the crew, leaving the ship in silence for those on board to admire the beautiful light show occurring beyond the window, of the universe forming as it begins to cool.] Lexi looks to the crew and says ‘you’re about to witness the light show of a lifetime my curiosity crew.’ You look back to the window as the universe continues to evolve…

The Big Bang & the newly formed universe continuing to evolve.

The universe has expanded now from the size of an atom to eight times the size of the solar system. Cooling enough for the protons and neutrons to bond forming the first atomic nuclei, Hydrogen & Helium. Though these were not yet sufficient to be atoms, they were missing a vital ingredient, the Electron.
The heat of the tiny universe was still too hot, causing the Electrons to move too fast to bond. It would stay this way for over three hundred thousand years.

This is your captain speaking, hold on tight as we prepare to jump to warp speed & continue our cosmic journey through the beginning of the universe.’ [Buzzing & hums crackle once more as the Venus Valkyrie begins to fire up the energy core to make the leap to warp speed.] ‘While we take in the fascinating sights, I think some music would be good. Suki [the on board AI] play The Planets for us.’

Holst – The Planets

If you enjoyed part I of this cosmic curiosity journey into the life of the universe, you can join Lexi for Chapter I.II back here at TCMG in just a little while.

Live long and prosper, my tribe of humans.

Venus-Valkyrie imagined by Lexi, brought to life by Simon [SJM Illustrations] All content belongs to it’s respective owners. The Cosmic Mergypsie © 2018-2020 Alexi Lily.


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