Limelife by Alcone are a beauty brand that every human should have in their cosmetic & skincare collection this year. Don’t fret if you haven’t yet heard of this Leaping Bunny certified brand, the Beauty Edit provides you with the lowdown on the beauty company that will be on everyone’s lips by the end of Twenty-Twenty.

Alcone took all their years of industry experience and threw it into creating the strongest and most beautiful cosmetic line they could.

Limelife by Alcone x Aly Fierce Lipstick

Providing professional makeup products to both industry professionals and individuals since 1952, LimeLife by Alcone brings top of the line cosmetics and natural skin care to the world.

Alcone began life as a family run beauty company from New York City. Founded in 1952, Alcone began life by selling stage makeup to starlets out of a small store in the city. This gave them the opportunity to get to know some of the top artists in theater and film.

Our family-owned company was founded in 1952 to provide professional makeup to the stage and film industry. Now we are expanding our reach to help women everywhere look their best every day with our all natural skincare line and personalized makeup palettes.

Limelife by Alcone

The brand are proud of their heritage, but they are even more proud of the community of beauty guides they have representing their brand today.

We’re still always learning, working tirelessly together to source professional makeup and all-natural skin care that really performs. LimeLife has expanded across the world, but family is still at the heart of who we are: committed to quality, nurturing of individuality and driven to help others pursue passions of their own.

Limelife by Alcone

So, that covers the who, next the edit looks at, the what. Limelife by Alcone make stunningly beautiful cosmetics that are cruelty-free and use natural products, but that are also amazing quality and stay on all day!

I was introduced to Limelife via a beauty guide [Limelife, The Skin We Are In] I first tried the Farm to Tub Vegan body soap. I tried the White Tea & Ginger – it was glorious! It really feels like it nourishes the skin and leaves you radiant and glowing.

Farm To Tub • Vegan Body Soap

I adored the body soap, but it was actually the cosmetics that drew me to the brand via my beauty guide. We both trained professionally as performers together at college, she told me about how the cosmetics were used by starlets. I decided that the makeup might be good for when I am larping.

Perfect Eye-shadow [Left] & Perfect Foundation [Right]

I decided first to try the Perfect Foundation. I discussed shades with my beauty guide, then looked at the shades to determine which I felt most suited my skin. I chose shade ‘Ivory’ as I have a very pale natural complexion.

I usually wear a bone – warm bone color foundation and do usually struggle to find a share that fits. I was delighted with the match of Ivory for my skin tone. The foundation is priced at £32.00 comparing well to others in the market. It’s great for my acne and dermatitis prone sensitive skin.

The foundation comes in it’s individual palette too, so when you need to re-fill, you can just order the re-fill, doing your bit for the planet too. Just tick the re-fill box when placing the item into your basket!

I love eye-shadow, my college days were spent mixing color palettes and experimenting with eye color schemes. As I use a full makeup look for my characters at larp, I took a look at the available shades of eye-shadow from Limelife. I opted for ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ and it’s stunning on, a lovely rose-gold shade that really compliments my blue eye color.

Every girl loves a good mascara. It’s a staple in every makeup look I create. I have used a lot of good mascaras in my time in the beauty industry, but the Limelife mascara applies smoothly creating a gorgeous lash look with just one application.

I highly recommend this mascara. I have sensitive eyes and found this mascara to have been one of the best I’ve ever experimented with. This mascara doesn’t come off throughout the day or cause lashes to stick when applied. It’s perfect for the stage or larping in the elements.

& finally, the finishing touch to my first look with Limelife, was of course, lips. My character is a warrior so I wanted a shade of lip color that was both matte and would make her stand out in the field.

KG wearing the Enduring Liquid Lipstick

The Limelife Enduring Liquid Lipstick is ideal. It’s bright, bold and beautiful. It applies on the lips really well and doesn’t leave any stain or residue. It’s got a great matte texture and doesn’t come off throughout the day.

I loved a lot of the shades and just took a stab at picking one that stood out – ‘Moonpie‘ [my love of Mooncake from Netflix and Mississippi Mud-Pie made me pick it.] I am SO in love with the shade!

I have since invested in a cleanser, some skin-care & the eyeliner from Limelife by Alcone, as well as soap gift set which was to beautiful to miss! If you haven’t tried Limelife, I certainly recommend checking the brand out & adding some of the items to your beauty collection this year.

Interested in my background in beauty? You can read more about my beauty adventures here. Would like to ask a question about this post, the featured products, brand or beauty in general? Contact me here.

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