Avant Skincare is a natural beauty brand dedicated to aligning your skin and overall well-being. The brand work with scientists around the world to source the most beneficial and precious ingredients that strengthen, enhance and protect your delicate skin. This brand is a brand is one brand that you need to invest in throughout twenty-twenty and this beauty edit gives you the lowdown on all the reasons why.

Each product is a nutrient-rich blend of both high-performance and natural ingredients that work in synergy with each other to balance and perfect your skin. By working with both science and nature, your complexion receives the most effective care possible, that ensures it stays healthy for longer.

Avant Philosophy – Honest, Science-Driven, Personally prescribed.

Avant combines wild-harvested and lab-based ingredients to craft the most effective and safest formulations possible. Avant redefines your beauty regime by providing you with natural and high-performance products to encourage a conscious choice for healthy skin.

Avant Skincare

I first discovered this skincare brand through a beauty box I received from Look Fantastic. Inside was the Avant Hyaluronic Sweet Almond Seawater Shea Butter Age Defy+ Resurfacing Duo Moisturizer. This cream is beautiful. The Avant Skincare Age Defy + collection is best suited for mature and very dry skin types. The moisture rich formulations help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, all while keeping the skin plumped up, healthy and glowing.

Twenty-Twenty has been for me, about treating my skincare routine more like a ritual for my body. I’ve discovered different products and brands that fit within my ethos here at TCMG, & changed up how I treat myself & show myself self-love. Using Avant products on my skin, feels like an infusion of nature and science to truly bring out the best in my skin.

What I love about Avant, aside from how beautiful all of the products are, is that Avant collaborate with the best scientists and pharmacists around the world to find delicate and rare ingredients to nourish, restore and reinforce the structure and function of your skin.

We are dedicated to researching the gifts of nature and utilizing advanced scientific techniques to create the most nutrient-dense skincare products that will not only hydrate, but heal, calm, regenerate and bring out that radiant skin you were born with.

Our scientists and dermatologists unite natural ingredients and carefully selected science-based actives to create ground-breaking formulations that genuinely transform your skin. Each ingredient has been chosen for its health and beauty benefits. The experience is exceptional, the results are real.

Avant Skincare

I’d like to share with you, my top products from Avant. These products are so unique, and a must for any goddess looking to add to her skincare ritual.

The first is the Blue Volcanic Stone Purifying and Antioxydising Cleansing Gel. This cleansing gel is absolutely brilliant, the color alone is so beautiful and vibrant, but on the skin, it’s even more magnificent.

Cleanse congested skin with the Blue Volcanic Stone Purifying & Antioxydising Cleansing Gel.Boasting a vivid blue-hued formula, the refreshing cleansing gel effortlessly eliminates impurities, makeup and excess oil without stripping, drying out or leaving skin feeling over-exposed. A cocktail of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant extracts work in synergy to alleviate irritation and prevent future breakouts, whilst Cocoa harnesses its antioxidant powers to protect skin from external stressors. Provitamin B5 penetrates skin, strengthening and beautifying it with its restorative and soothing properties, whilst Copper contributes its elasticity-boosting and firming properties, reducing the appearance wrinkles and pigmentation. Skin is left smoother, strengthened and tauter, radiating a restored youthful glow.

Discovery Edit – Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Resurfacing Duo Moisturizer. Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Resurfacing DUO Moisturizer is one of the best sellers at Avant. It is an age-defying resurfacing cream to use during the Night and Day combining signature ingredients to help tighten the dull and less the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Resurfacing DUO Moisturizer combines signature ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil.

Hyaluronic Acid aims to penetrate deep into the skin to hydrate and instantly helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst the combination of Shea butter and Sweet Almond oil, rich in antioxidants, high in vitamins E, A, D and B, protein, and essential minerals, works as an emollient to keep your skin, young and supple. It also helps tighten the dull, and lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. I can honestly say this is one of the best creams I have ever used on my skin.

Intense Acne Battling & Purifying French Green Clay Mask. Reveal a renewed complexion, battle and prevent acne, with the Avant Intense Acne Battling & Purifying French Green Clay Mask: a deeply nourishing face mask that uses a potent combination of Green Clay and Zincidone that aims to lift away impurities. Enriched with the highest quality of ingredients, this non-drying mask helps to unclog congested pores, sweep away excess oil and gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.

Intense Acne Battling & Purifying French Green Clay Mask harnesses the power of revolutionary ingredients such as Zincidone and Green Clay. Acting as a physio-seboregulator, Zincidone aims to reduce the level of skin sebum whilst limiting bacterial proliferation & skin irritation and reinforcing skin barrier function. Green Clay aims to soak up the excess oils that clog the pores and lead to acne and imperfections whilst enhancing a deep cleansing that helps balance pH levels.

As I’ve said before here at The Cosmic Mergypsie, but I shall say again, cruelty-free is an incredibly important factor when it comes to skincare, cosmetic and beauty products in my life. Avant are Leaping Bunny certified. The brand feel very strongly about their products not being tested on animals. Their whole assortment is proudly certified by Cruelty-Free International. You will find a Leaping Bunny on the back of your favorite Avant products to illustrate this certification.

You heard it here at TCMG, but you should totally check out the brand for yourself. You can find all the information about the brand here. Shop the entire collection here. Follow Avant on social here.

Interested in my background in beauty? You can read more about my beauty adventures here. Would like to ask a question about this post, the featured products, brand or beauty in general? Contact me here.

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