A change of chapter approaches

I guess Twenty-Twenty has given me a good chance to rediscover myself. It’s such an overwhelming thing, looking back at ones life. The mistakes, the mishaps, the heartbreak, the tears, the laughter, the adventure, the heart pounding adrenaline of feeling your dreams come to life.

In my short thirty-two years I’ve certainly had some adventures. I’ve been blessed to be able to travel far and wide, take in so many adventures and discover so much along the way. I’ve studied, I’ve learned additional skills, developed talents and created a business which evolved into a career, leading the way for yet another business.

I can feel myself on a rotation again, my axis is changing and I can feel that shift within all parts of my life. I guess the weirdest part of Twenty-Twenty is that it still feels like March, yet outside the air is cooling, the leaves are beginning to turn, fall approaches. My body hit hibernation mode, emerging for a few short days during the summer, only to find myself naturally returning to autumn mode this past couple of days.

I thought with the nights drawing in, I would sit by the fire, coffee in hand and return to writing, I’d meant to do this an age ago. With the colder air in the atmosphere, it felt like the right time to return to my study and write.

Make time for you

September brings with her the horizon of fall, my favorite color palettes, knitwear, hats and pumpkin spiced lattes.

While historically I’ve done fall wishlist’s and engaged in all the items I wished to purchase throughout fall, if Twenty-Twenty has taught me anything, it’s to look after myself more, the importance of my health, both mind and body.

With that in mind, I’m sharing my self-love tips for fall, the ways in which I’ll be falling in love with myself and my life throughout fall while remaining mostly at home and looking after my health.

Seek knowledge…

Learning something, evolving your knowledge and expanding your skill-base is a great way to hone yourself throughout fall. I’ve been scouring the courses I’d like to study this fall, I’ve created a timetable of courses, career development plans and seminars I’d like to attend. Keeping your mind active will allow you to maintain balance and keep you focused as the long summer nights begin to fade and those crisp evenings creep in gradually this month.

Be entertained…

I do love a good murder mystery, I’ve watched just about all the shows that were aired in the nineties and around the turn of the millennium. Just this week on Netflix though, I found ‘Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries’, this beautiful pre-war decadent show sees the glorious Miss Fisher solving mysteries with her very own ‘scooby’ gang. A must for anyone with a penchant for a good story.

Just be…

Create your own home spa

I don’t know about you, but I’ve created a life for myself where I thrive on being busy, I’m not myself if I don’t have a latte in hand, mobile in the other as I join my Google call and address my task list for the day. It seems I’ve created a life where I thrive under pressure, my mind buzzing a million miles a minute. What I was quite shocked to realise this year, is that I’m not all that good at relaxing. I’m not sure I really know how to unwind, in pre-covid times I’d find a spa to retreat to for a day or so, but with that luxury gone, I had to learn to find other ways to relax and switch off from the digital world.

Creating your own home spa bath is a great way of unwinding. I recommend a million candles, rose petals, bubbles and a good long soak. (Just mind those bubbles and candles – terribly flammable.)

Invest in your passions…

Whether it’s painting miniatures, learning to knit, baking or making things, not being able to do my out of the house hobbies this year, meant that I finally invested those hours into the passions that I was interested in but never allowed myself the time to pursue.


Take time for adventure…

I am a social butterfly, but something this year made me realise, I’m a social butterfly that likes distance. I really like being around people and experiencing life, but I love my own time too, in fact I yearn for it. I’ve lived in more than ten cities and countries in my life, which has meant I’ve been blessed with friends around the globe, but I rarely meet anyone. This year has taught me to stay in touch, check in with my tribe and be grateful for those who have taken the time to check in with me too.

Ultimately, as fall begins to settle in, you only need take life day by day. If you try to look at the past thirty years in one go, or the future thirty, you’ll only feel overwhelmed, any human would. Don’t torture yourself for what you cannot control, for what you have not yet figured out or for what you do not yet have the strength to face.

…as a wise man once said, all you need do, is decide what to do with the time that is given to you.

I wish you all a safe, warm, connected fall. As ever The Cosmic Mergypsie is a space for communication, if you’d like to chat, if you’re just looking for a place to stay a while, then, please my friend, make yourself comfortable.

All content belongs to it’s respective owners. The Cosmic Mergypsie Β© KG 2018-2020

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