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Let’s travel back to the early 90’s. Double denim ready, tattoo choker (she says, wearing one here in twenty-twenty), sparkly lip tint, platform trainers (she says, eyeing the pair by the door), we find ourselves in England, a shopping arcade in the high street, and fashion and accessory retailer, Claire’s accessories (or Bow Bangles, if I really want to show my age) are stocking their mystery bags. For a few pounds, maybe five pounds (?) you get a bag of items and accessories. How excited we were as girls, as we tore into them to see what was inside.

I used to love those. In fact I’m sure it was Claire’s by then as they were little purple bags that contained a handful of treasures. Thus my love of the mystery box was started, a love that would continue into womanhood.

Traverse the realm of time & space back to twenty-twenty & I sit abundantly surrounded by beauty boxes from all my favorite beauty companies, poised pondering the rise & rise of the beauty box.

This is certainly the year of indulging in treating ones self, not just that, what better way to treat those in your inner most tribe this year, then with a beauty box & give the gift of self-care. There’s never been a year where emotional & physical health have ever mattered more, & striking that ever so delicate balance between all the chaos & uncertainty. Self-care has come into the view of the world a great deal this year.

I don’t think anyone predicted the pandemic would become quite the standstill that we experienced back in spring, plunged into being confined at home, I found suddenly those little luxuries I took for granted, were actually rather important. When Birchbox mailed me to say they were back to it & my beauty box would be posted (with a delay while they ensured the safety of their team, which I respect greatly), I found myself beyond excited.

The postman dropped it off & I immediately ran to my beauty room to unbox it, I didn’t even post it to social media, no, this little moment was just for me. I adored it, suddenly I felt seven years old again, what treasures had I come upon?

But what is it about a beauty box that makes it just so darn popular?

In twenty-twenty, we’ve all learned to live, to exist in different ways, building harmony like we’ve never had to before. Residing in the north of England where restrictions remained far stricter than my previous homes in London and the south of England, I found that beauty boxes became an essential part of my beauty journey.

Even without the pandemic interrupting regular life schedules, beauty boxes offer a unique take on beauty not able to be paralleled by one single brand, the chance to try a selection of brands that you may not otherwise be exposed to. Not only trying products by brands that you may not try, but with products tailored to your beauty profile. A great experience to try before you buy without all the hassle of having to find the brands & root through the products yourself; and all for around the price of a streaming subscription each month.

Beauty boxes have made beauty more accessible than ever before.

Most of us find what works and then we stick with it, perhaps daring to be more adventurous in our twenties but not really learning about our skincare until we are in our thirties. Okay, okay, that’s a fairly sweeping generalization but it’s true in my life. Beauty boxes though have not only helped me evolve my skincare and beauty routine, they’ve also encouraged me to leap back into that experimental spirit I had in my twenties. I am glad, I’ve loved learning new ways of doing my makeup, my knowledge of cosmetics & beauty, as well as the brands that exist out in the wider world.

I’ve experimented with a lot of different beauty boxes, so I thought I’d share my most wanted beauty box subscriptions to date, & I really recommend you don’t just take my word, but you try them for yourself too. Sharkira my beauty blog guru loves a beauty box too…

What beauty journey are you going to embark upon this fall?


Frequency: Monthly. Choose from one, three, six or twelve month subscriptions.

Price: £10.00

The offer: Find out what’s new in the world of beauty, every box sent out is packed full of Roccabox favorite beauty and wellness goodies, designed to help their Roccababes feel just as good as they look.

Why subscribe? Roccabox is a brilliant way to discover new brands and treat yourself to 5-7 new products each month. ‘Roccabox all started with founder, Tia. After countless trips to the beauty counter ending in expensive purchases that weren’t suitable for her skin type, she decided it was time for a change. So, in 2017 Roccabox was born! After all, who doesn’t love a box of surprise beauty goodies delivered to your doorstep each month?‘ I know I definitely do, how about you?


Frequency: Monthly. Choose from one, three, six or twelve month subscriptions.

Price: £13.25

The offer: Five beauty products from iconic brands & new discoveries.

Why subscribe? The boxes are magical & glorious (quite literally with the October fairytale theme box). Many of the products included are full-size with some deluxe sample size products. As a subscriber you’ll also get access to the Glossy Community and collect GLOSSY credits to spend at the brand’s partner beauty retailer, Look Fantastic. 


Frequency: Monthly. Choose from one, three, six or twelve month subscriptions.

Price: £15.00

The offer: A curated collection of beauty products, delivered to your door every month. 

Why subscribe? Packed with a handful of unique to your beauty profile products as well as the LF booklet where every month, you get access to tips, hacks & the latest beauty trends you’ll want to know about. Every one of Look Fantastic’s beauty boxes are now sustainable and recyclable, which means you can feel good about your box. This box really does feel like luxury.


Frequency: Monthly. Choose from one, three, six or twelve month subscriptions.

Price: £12.95

The offer: ‘Birchbox is a simple and delightful way to update your routine. When you subscribe, you’ll receive a monthly package of 5 deluxe samples from a variety of categories – all handpicked by our team, matched to your unique needs, and paired with helpful tips on how to use them.’

Why subscribe? The boxes are possibly the cutest ever, & every box is themed differently each month. All the products inside are tailored to your specific beauty needs. Birchbox also release limited edition boxes which are absolutely gorgeous & should be on your wish list.


Frequency: Monthly. Choose from one, three, or six month subscriptions.

Price: $25.00 (.com site)

The offer:Get up to $165 worth of clean, vegan & cruelty-free skincare, makeup, hair-care and accessories, including at least two full-sized products. Discover new brands to fall in love with! Learn what brands and products our co-founders Daniella and Evanna are recommending.

Why subscribe?  Where to start? Vegan and cruelty-free friendly products. Feel good about yourself & the environment. Oh, & a portion of all sales benefits some of Kinder’s favorite animal rights & environmental causes.

Sharkira with her faves from the Birchbox October Tote Bag

Sharkira’s beauty tip of the day: Looking to try your first anti-aging lotions or potions for skin conditions?

Beauty boxes are a great way of finding the products that will work for you without having to splash the cash on treatments that may not be suitable for you.

Sharkira suffers with Rosacea and she found her fave wonder lotion through Look Fantastic.

Make sure you get your beauty box fix each month, with TCMG Unboxes and find which items Sharkira is loving from her beauty boxes each month. Find Sharkira Beauty Guru on Instagram at The Cosmic Mergypsie.

& remember fish are friends, not food.

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