Following on from the Bio & FAQ page on the blog, I thought I’d take on the challenge of sharing fifty things about myself.

Self care is very important yet an often overlooked thing in this life, we begin our week and get lost in everything surrounding us, that sometimes we have to remind ourselves to look up at the stars at night to remind ourselves of all the incredible things in our lives… you are made of stardust, I hope you can embrace & love who you are…
I have split this post into five parts as fifty things is a lot of things about ones self and I thought I’d share them in little bites…


I was born to the rolling hills & little rivers of The Shire. Tolkien stayed in my hometown Malvern & found inspiration whilst walking the ancient hills for when he began creating the landscapes of Middle Earth. C.S Lewis found inspiration for the gas lamps that light Narnia from the gas lit lamps that line The Malvern Hills. They can still be found today for those interested in a wander & to escape reality for a little while. Malvern will always remain my hometown, every time I see the hills rising on the horizon, I know that I am home.

When I was little I wished to be an astronaut, this dream remained sleeping in me while I studied the arts and followed my passions. After turning thirty, I decided it was time to return my attention to the stars. While studying for qualifications in the cosmos & science writing, I found inspiration to begin my space article blog features. I would love to travel in space, though for the moment, I’m happy exploring the stars through my telescopes & books.

I do love desserts & savory dishes (I mean food in general is pretty good eh!?!), however desserts are my passion. Chocolate brownies, cheesecake, cakes, chocolates, sundaes, pies, crumbles, there’s few desserts that don’t make my tummy rumble with happiness. I love to bake, though I’d say I’m a far more experimental chef. However following surgery these days I adhere to a plant-based and gluten-free diet. There’s fond family memories of a Kentish ice cream parlor that my parents would take me and my brother to while we visited my fathers family throughout our childhood, they did the best desserts ever. If you’ve been to amazing places for dessert, tell me where! I think donuts may just be my favorite, but then jelly and ice cream is also pretty good. Vegan donuts have become one of my favorites of late.

Dance is one of my life’s passions and interests. I’ve loved watching dance since I was a child & while I’ve had patches where I’ve not been dancing throughout my life, I’m bringing more movement and dance into my life these days. I feel in love with Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance when I was just seven years old – that show brought a magic into my life that has lasted my entire lifetime.
I’ve been so inspired by my passion for dance, that I began sharing features on this blog beginning with the origins of dance, eventually I will document my own dance adventures. If you’re interested you can read the prelude, the origins to dance post, here. If you haven’t read the dance section on the FAQ page, you can do so here.

I adore sci-fi, adventure & fantasy. I’d say these are my favorite genres. I remember watching Buffy as a kid & being obsessed with training as a slayer. Stranger Things totally caught my attention too. In twenty-nineteen I commissioned my first ever piece of art from my good friend SJM Illustrations. Simon created three beautiful pieces of art for me. The Cosmic Mergypsie, Captain Lexi & my starship the VenusValkyrie. They are beautiful & I adore the journey since creating The Cosmic Mergypsie back in twenty-eighteen.

In my frequently asked questions, I cover the languages that I speak, but my love of words is not limited to just language. I adore literature and reading, so much so I’m considering bringing my love of books into the blog at some point. I love losing myself in a good book, but I also enjoy astronomy reads & lighthearted uplifting reading as well as books about meditation & history.
Tolkien is a huge favorite of mine, along with Pratchett.

I collect copies of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. I recently spent the day in Whitby too and loved seeing Whtiby Abbey, standing in the little church yard that overlooks the harbor and seeing the ships rolling in as the sky clouded over. I’ve been collecting books for a few years, favoring the classics, I also have a few old copies of the complete works of William Shakespeare. There’s something about old books and wondering who owned them before you, of all the eyes that have taken in the words and created the story in their minds, it fascinates me.

I have three irrational fears that only my closest tribe know.
That being said I have a love hate relationship with spiders. I think they’re cool when they’re not in my personal space. I have encountered spiders so loud that they sound like mice when walking over boxes stacked up. These spiders are not my friends. I don’t like house spiders all that much.
If there’s a spider, I’m probably going to ask you to move it for me. Well scream until you realize I am in need of rescuing.

From hula dancing in Vegas to sitting on the steps of the Sacre-Couer in Paris, watching the fog roll in across San Francisco to the Scottish Highlands, life was made for adventuring & I love to explore. Want to see the places on my list? I will share that list with you all once lock-down is lifted with some permanence. I adore travelling and adventures, I used to load road trips with my father throughout my childhood.

Stargazing is one of my favorite things to do at night. I love exploring natural places during my adventure days. Mostly though I’m creating my dream hideaway home-space for this chapter of my life, a place where I can hide away from the world and unwind. I may share progress of the house as I continue with it post-lock-down.

I will share the second part of this feature in the coming nights, when I will share another ten things about myself in the lead up to completing the fifty things about me challenge.
If you’d like to share your likes, why not connect with me via the contact page or my Instagram.

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