Maybe it’s the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, maybe it’s the sunshine bright in the blue near cloudless sky this past couple of days, or maybe it was the 12K wander in the woodlands; but something has added a spring to my step.

I manifested with the full moon for recharging energies toward focus, inspiration & motivation. I know that while eventual freedom is dawning on the horizon, that I have some decisions & steps to take between now & then to become one with myself.

I’m getting my space refreshed, at the same time as planning personal steps, studying and developing my career – that’s a lot before you even get to all the general things that life throws ones way. Lockdown stopped me in my tracks of outwardly searching the world for what I seek, and forced me to look inwardly. It was hard, it was uncomfortable and mostly it was difficult to really look at myself deeply and address my inner-most fears, knowing that I had just my demons for companionship to begin with.

So I took a step back the past couple of weeks and allowed myself the energy to focus on where I needed it most. Then I took some time to reconnect to my body this weekend & now, now begins the building of a fresh foundation of which the future is built. I wouldn’t say my demons are entirely gone, but the peace I’m finding is making them fainter, as my life gains more clarity and the path appears before me.

I’m not expecting to create an empire in a day, but I know more of what it is I seek than I did last month, last year or even the last decade. My path is becoming clearer and I’m learning to let go of what does not serve purpose in my life, but it’s hard.

I’m planning out how I want my life to be, so that I can begin to live in that reality. Lockdown taught me a lot about truly looking inside and re-evaluating who I am. What are my core values, what makes me happy, passionate? What is it that I truly dream of?

It’s been hard and the road ahead continues to be hard, but I am on path to me now & I’m starting to create the world in which I’d like to live.

The message I’d like to share here today, is that it’s okay to change, to evolve, to take a step back, a step forward and another two back. It’s all okay, as long as you continue. As long as you keep letting yourself evolve.

I began blogging in 2012 a mere girl, just twenty-four, on her way to adulthood, to find myself, I evolved, I returned to blogging in 2021 as a woman. I’m just thirty-two and really beginning to find my strength as a woman in her own world.

I’ll continue to blog about fashion, style & beauty while I find my feet, when I feel comfortable, I’ll return to gaming too & when it’s safe and no longer hazardous, I’ll continue to explore the world. For today, focusing on my inward journey is enough. Focusing on my path is where I’m at.

I found journaling, life coaching sessions, switching off & therapy all help with finding ones self again. I’m not ashamed to admit I have a counsellor, a life coach, a journal & my spiritualism, together these resources and humans are my super strength entourage. They help me to manifest and live my best life, even if that’s just resting & watching the world go by for a few days.

Something I am really keen to do, is to help others find that path. To find their balance, their light, their peace. Connecting your mind, body and spirit, not only so that you can develop strong roots in your life to evolve from, but also your connection to the world and cosmos around you, because when you understand the space you are in, you can commit to being in your strongest mindset, attracting what it is you seek in life.

I never really allowed myself to fully establish dreams, because I was always telling people I wanted to be an actress or an astronaut, but actually what I was seeking was peace. I watched people around me buzz through life, but I always wondered if they were truly at peace. That is my calling, manifesting and connecting peace.

All of a sudden I realized it, the reason my strengths lay in organization, creativity, collaboration, communication, why I found managing and leading comfortable. I am consistently trying to create peace in my surrounding environments.

So first, I shall create peace in my own space and life, then I will build my foundation outwardly and watch my life evolve.

I hope that you will join me on this journey.



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