Imagine a space on the internet where you could stop by, retreat from the noise of the world & recharge your spirit?

You just landed in the space you were seeking, for Cosmic Luna Spiritual Spa is that space.

My passions include wellness and balance. I’ve been on a spiritual journey for just about as long as I can remember, so I decided that this chapter was about creating that life I’d been dreaming of. I knew I wanted to help others, I knew I wanted to entwine my passions, but I just wasn’t certain how.

I took time out over the past year and completed courses, to set myself up, to be able to offer all the services in one space to connect you in mind, body & spirit to the cosmos.

I’ve finally aligned the stars and laid out the cards & I’m ready to begin this chapter.

Cosmic Luna Spiritual Spa will launch on Saturday 20th March with digital offerings in Yoga, Crystals, Chakra balancing, Meditation and guided meditations, Aromatherapy with Luna, Beauty Rituals, Tarot & Oracle readings & Mergypsie Cove Herbal Teas (but more on those soon enough!)

Between now & March 20, you can find Cosmic Luna here on the TCMG blog & Instagram. From the 20th March, you’ll be able to stop by the Cosmic Luna Spiritual Spa site.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible chapter of my life as I journey further into the world.

Namaste Goddesses,


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