In life before lockdown I spent more time in coffee bars than I did my own home. A year on, three lockdowns in and one rose-gold cafetière later; my home-brewing coffee is top-tier.

I’ve explored different blends & brands of coffee as well as different methods for creating that day-changing level of brew.

Good Grub Guru came to life when I decided I’d like to further share my reviews & recommendations of the good eats I’ve experienced on my life’s adventures.

This feature series focuses on serving up weekly offerings of the best in eats both at home & on the road. From street food to cocktail bars, beautiful bakes to the coolest coffee bars, every week I’ll be exploring different culinary delights to share with you.

Think I should be featuring your eats? Found a place you want me to try? Pop me a message either on the contact page or via Instagram & let’s talk good grub!

This week on the good grub guru I’m stoked to be sharing a brand of coffee that will get more than one of your senses awoken. What’s more, this brand that has more than beans to offer…

Born from a love of caffeine and music, Brink was created to promote artists across a wide range of genres and origins, as well as sourcing new and exciting coffees from around the world. Founded in 2021, Brink’s mission is to pair great coffee with perfectly curated playlists and I could not be more enthused about a brand.

Coffee, check. Music, check. What’s not to love? For those that remember life before The Cosmic Mergypsie and the incredible adventures I’m living now, you’ll know that music was my life. What fuelled that life? Coffee, of course.

With the Mergypsie sessions coming in time, music has been on my mind & this was a brand I was incredibly excited to discover & learn more about.

So imagine my excitement when those good humans at Brink reached out & asked if I would like to try their blends.

The choosing was hard, all the blends looked amazing, but in the end I opted for the OG blend. Number One. The OG Brink. Ethically sourced Arabica beans from farmers in Costa Rica, Brazil and Indonesia. Smooth and mellow, with notes of berry, vanilla and milk chocolate. Ideal for a smoother start to your day.

This blend is incredibly smooth and the aftertaste really brings those mellow notes of vanilla in the brew to life on your taste buds, definitely a gentle day starter and a brilliant blend for those looking for a lighter kick to get you in gear for the day. Also perfect with breakfast pancakes & after dessert waffles. Just sayin’.

I tried the cafetière option & it’s perfect for non-fuss way of home-brewing your perfect coffee. When I held the bag I could already sense the aroma & could not wait to try it for myself. Those good-guys at Brink have even created a playlist to create the ultimate experience, so indulge yourself in the ambience of the moment.

Don’t take my word for it though, you really should experience this coffee for yourself. So why not try Brink today? You can also follow Brink on Instagram and Twitter.

Good Grub Guru awards Brink Coffee ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  (5/5 hearts) for their blends!

Still need a little convincing? I’ll be featuring Brink in my weekly brews and bants with KG on IG on Sunday 9th May at 10am.

Good Grub Guru | KG

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