This past week has been Mental Health Awareness Week; a lot of people, businesses and communities both online & out in the world, have been campaigning to raise awareness for the suffering, that for many not only goes unspoken, but often untreated as a result.

I’ve been championing mental health for Southsea based Neptune Girls and their online community. As part of my launch for Cosmic Luna, I’ve been keen to get involved and give a little back to the communities that have nurtured me. Alongside offering emotional support and signposting for the group, I’ve been blessed to share some of my early writings in the form of quotes and these blog posts, which I’ve loved.

The challenge saw one step everyday, that you could take to connect yourself with nature each day throughout your week. I’ve loved getting outdoors all week, but we understand that this isn’t always easy for anyone, or that like me, you may not have a garden. So this post further down, after the introduction to the Neptune Girls community and why I’m featuring it on The Cosmic Mergypsie, shows you 10 wonderful ways to bring nature into your home.

At The Cosmic Mergypsie, you’ll know that mental health, both understanding and being aware of our internal selves, is a passion close to my heart. As a highly sensitive, empath, I live by instincts and connecting with my feelings, but that journey was one that I took later in my adult life.

During my twenties I often found that I was caught living inside my thoughts, which often resulted in feeling much like Kathy on the moors, tapping on the window of life wanting desperately for someone to let me in to where it was light & warm.

I think that there are still some huge taboo’s surrounding mental health, whether that’s inside businesses, communities or even as close to home as among our family & closest friends. When I first started suffering with depression and anxiety following a turbulent few years, I didn’t realise how alienated I would become from the people I considered my ‘closest friends’.

I’d have given those people the best years of my life if they’d been true friends, instead I was glad that I learned that lesson on the cusp of my twenties, because although my internal demons began around that time, I put my recovery down to finding the strength to let go of what was toxicity personified.

On Facebook this week, I’ve been a Mental Health champion for Neptune Girls, for their Mental Health Awareness Week campaign to connect with nature. It’s been a great week so far, with a daily challenge to encourage people to connect with nature and find some mindfulness in their week. From tips to scientific facts about nature is good for us, leader Carly has really led a creative and nature focused week for the community.

Fear not, if you’re worried you missed all week, you can still join, the group will continue past this week & has loads of great resources for connecting to nature, while connecting a supportive community together online.

I’ve loved being involved with the week and getting involved not only in sharing my mental health story, supporting others when they’ve been brave enough to share, but also by connecting with nature at least once ever day this week.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Neptune Girls, I can honestly, wholeheartedly recommend joining. The space is about connecting, finding confidence not only through body positivity but through connecting with your internal self too. I am beyond proud to call myself a Neptune Girl and a NG Glow Getter, which you’ll find more about on the Neptune Girls site.

The week isn’t out yet, so here’s some wonderful ways to connect with nature that you can continue with to provide that moment of mindfulness in your days moving forward.

Words – KG | Design – Jamie

So, how will I continue to support Mental Health Awareness once a new week begins tomorrow? Well at The Cosmic Mergypsie I will be launching my ‘Life Lessons with KG’ series, which is a written blog post and a video once per week discussing topics relating to mental health and personal wellbeing through life.

At Cosmic Luna, my spiritual spa, I will be continuing to offer mindfulness sessions through Yoga, meditation, chakra balancing and much more. In my life, I will be making a conscious effort to support those, in my life. As you may know if you follow my channels, I’ve recently been certified in psychological first aid and wellness following a series of courses and study I’d taken. I’ll be continuing to keep ‘an open door’ so to speak on my channels, so that if you need to reach out, you can.

While I won’t be able to offer you personal advice, I can signpost you to services that may be able to help and hopefully you’ll feel comfortable enough to contact me if you’re struggling internally. In case you’re not quite able to reach out to me directly, here is the UK helplines for available services. In an emergency, reach Samaritans on 116 123 (UK).

While I’ll be continuing to launch Cosmic Luna, I want to say that being part of this week has only reinforced my passion for Neptune Girls and continuing to commit to everything that being a Neptune Girl stands for. If you do one thing to seek out your journey to you this weekend, joining the Neptune Girls Mental Health Community, would be a great step.

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