My beauty journey began as a young girl. My mother was a makeup guide and expert with beauty products. As a trained Ballerina & performer, my mother was experienced in the application of cosmetics and maintained a strong skincare routine personally too.

I learned a lot from my mother about the application of cosmetics; even if my makeup bag consisted of Tinkerbell scratch off nail polish and flavored lip balms! As my mother would sit and follow her skincare routine, I would sit on her bed applying my lip balms and ask her to paint my nails.

As a teenager, in a time before social media & the evolution of the internet; I learned later skills from beauty magazines including Teen Vogue & Vogue [if I could get my hands on my mothers copy!]

As the internet took off and I studied for my degree, I would read Company magazine and follow beauty blogs. After graduating with a degree in Journalism, I took to the beauty industry to forge a career in global beauty.

I found my first beauty job in the premium beauty sector, with Estee Lauder Companies, working with their online portfolio of brands; including MAC, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Aveda, Bobbi Brown & Jo Malone [You can find all the brands I worked with here]. I loved working for Estee Lauder; learning skills from makeup artists and understanding the science behind the products, not to mention being able to experiment with the range of products offered by the brands. This part of my early career led to an evolving passion for cosmetics and a passion to discover more of the beauty brands out in the wider world.

I decided to pursue my beauty career without being tied to a particular set of brands within one sector, as my own beauty journey was evolving, so too was my aim to develop my beauty experience to share with others.

The Cosmic Mergypsie Beauty Edits allow me a space to share product recommendations, brand edits and beauty tips, while my beauty rituals media content allows me to share tutorials, unboxings and product reviews.

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Ultimately, my beauty posts feature my personal beauty journey; as I continue to train and evolve my beauty experience and understanding, I will share my knowledge, routines, rituals and products.

I have a passion for brands that are ethical & environmentally friendly, and use sustainable ingredients. Brands that are cruelty-free, and offer vegan and natural products.

On TCMG I feature beauty brands from around the globe, from fashion to premium, subscription to beauty guide led, from counter to online; provided that their brand aligns with my ethos at TCMG.

TCMG ethos beauty statement can be read below:

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