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Bohemian • Hippie • Guru • Witch • Wildling • Warrior • Wanderer

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A woman discovers many interests in a lifetime…
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Wildflower of the forest, in love with the ocean, wanderlust spirit, pixie witch.

I was born to the rolling hills & little rivers of the shire, home is behind me. I am on the adventure of my life.

My childhood hometown is Malvern, Worcestershire. I remember days walking the hills, wandering the countryside, living among the ancient buildings of yesteryear in the city of Worcester.
Throughout my life, my family of predominantly Celt, Scottish & English heritage lived in Worcestershire. As I aged, my family moved across England, I too moved cross country & lived in London, Winchester, with times in South Hampshire, South Oxfordshire & while my family found home among the Welsh valleys & rugged coast; I continue to roam, wander & live on the road while I find my little corner of the world to call home. Currently residing in the far North of England, between the city of Leeds & the wildness of the Yorkshire Dales.

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The Cosmic Mergypsie is my space on the internet to not only share my life story but to inspire others, alongside developing & evolving my brand Mergypsie Cove and my business, Cosmic Luna too.
This is my curiosity journey of my extraordinary ordinary life.
Add a little magic, a dash of sass & stay curious with The Cosmic Mergypsie.

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