Oh hai there mystical being, wanderer, fellow digital nomad…

I invite you to this little hub of mine; my space on the internet to share my adventures, my discoveries; my curiosity journey of this life. This space will lead you not only on the journey of my life, but encourage you to seek yours out too. Bringing peace & positivity & just a dash of magic to the digital world, this is one wise woman’s journey to becoming, the ever evolving journey of my spirit. If you’re wondering what dimension you’ve wandered into, let me tell you a little more…

This is my little space to share my passions, interests & the world through my perspective with you all.
A space containing the amalgamation of all my creative paths. TCMG [The Cosmic Mergypsie – you are here] is the blog, a space for not only my tale but for using my experiences & posts to encourage you to create the life you dream of living too whilst sharing positivity around the planet.

Mergypsie Cove is the independent brand, my little store for stocking up on your witchy charms, herbal teas, home wares, vintage & unique closet treasures & Cosmic Luna is the business, my wellness spa of the digital age.

Having started life in a different time & blog space, the idea of The Cosmic Mergypsie had been one that had been forming in the ether of my life for some time, elusive to my day to day being. Eventually I decided enough was enough & the time had come to return to the blogosphere.

Along this journey, I’ll be sharing online businesses’, ancient practices – with respect for all cultures and traditions supporting all I can & similar digital spaces that will connect you to this life.
This time the blog would encompass everything that I have come to discover & create of myself in this journey of life; my ramblings on my curiosity journey of this extraordinary, ordinary thing called life & all aspects of my creative pursuits.

Everything from beauty, fashion, body positivity, wild woman wisdom, culture, style, travel adventures & journal posts to space & science features, gaming & the arts, literature & history; there’s something for everyone here at The Cosmic Mergypsie.

This is my curiosity adventure of my extraordinary ordinary life. To live is the greatest adventure of all & all adventures begin somewhere; take a wander through the pages & posts to discover more.

If you’re inspired by TCMG, discover more about the space & become part of the Cosmic Luna Coven, a movement inspiring people to create a life they love, to discover more & live peacefully, an online community of kindred spirits. You’ll find lots of features on TCMG for all manner of topics stretching across my passions in this life, this is my space to share that rare magic of the cosmos with all of you in the world. I invite you to join me on these adventures as I level up & explore many different worlds & I hope you’ll be inspired to seek out your own magic along the way too.

You can find out more about me on the following pages, but if you came for the features, here’s what you can expect to find at The Cosmic Mergypsie frequently:

Science & astronomy are among my interests in this life & if you’ve never dared to just stare up at the stars at night, then grab yourself a blanket & step outside tonight. Cloudy outside? Fear not, I’ll be sharing many exploratory features concerning the cosmos & wider universe aboard my starship the VenusValkyrie, so let me beam you up & take you places no human has gone before.

Add a little magic, a dash of sass & stay curious with The Cosmic Mergypsie.

If I invited you to my personal home space, I’d expect you to treat it with respect, so please, I ask of you to observe the following guidelines while you are here & treat this space with respect also.

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