If you’d like to contact me, there are a few different routes depending on the reason.

This page covers the more efficient ways of making contact with me, however I would kindly advise that if you are requesting to discuss a collaboration with The Cosmic Mergypsie, that you please read the information located on the legal page before making contact.

Email is the most efficient way to contact me as I check every weekday and will reply at my earliest convenience. Whether it’s about PR opportunities, collaborations, creative projects, some advice or just to say hello, I’m always happy to receive emails.

My email address is thecosmicmergypsie@gmail.com.

While I aim to reply promptly, please be kindly advised that I do not check emails over weekends where possible and it may take up to five working days to obtain a response. If your query is urgent, please email me with urgent in the subject line followed by the title of your query.

All emails will be responded to within five working days, if you have not had a reply after this time please accept that on this occasion I have chose to decline to respond. I welcome you to contact me with further opportunities if you think I am a good fit, each query is reviewed individually.

If you’d like to send something by post, I ask that you email me first so we can discuss the collaboration in more depth. Please check the legal page for further details about collaborations.

If you’d like to contact me via social media, I recommend that you use my Instagram account for The Cosmic Mergypsie, I check this every day except Sunday’s.

I mainly use Instagram for my social media presence for all the outlets whether personal or professional in life but you can also find me on Twitter, TikTok & LinkedIn. Please note that I do not check these accounts everyday but I do share content each week on those platforms & check them most weekdays.

You can discover all of my social spaces below along with the other places in the digital world where you can find me.

Coffee is my life-fuel of choice, followed closely by herbal teas. If you’d like to discuss a project or treat me to a brew, please use my Ko-fi account to do so.

Alternatively, if you have a query about a post, product, information or just want to leave some feedback about The Cosmic Mergypsie blog, I invite you to use the form below.


The Cosmic Mergypsie – The posts that follow the blog.

Cosmic Luna – Spiritual & Digital Wellness Spa

Mergypsie Cove – Independent brand

The Time Adventurer – My travel & photography adventures.

Krystal Gemma – My personal IG [You can follow along, but please note I only accept messages to this account that I follow too.]

Emilia Ella Mai – My cosplay, performance & modelling space.




You can also find me on my YouTube channel for The Cosmic Mergypsie.

I don’t currently use any other social platforms personally, or for my business to ensure that I have the best mix for my content and can manage these efficiently. While I appreciate the offer to join other platforms, I must inform you that I will at present decline any requests.

The blog is my personal space to share my curiosity journey of my extraordinary ordinary life with the planet & cosmos, but I also have two other sites for my personal business.

Cosmic Luna


If you still would like yet more content, you can find me on Twitch TV where I occasionally stream games.

If you’re really interested you can also occasionally find me in these spaces or see me on their content: