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What is your name?

I rarely use my full real name on the internet, though it’s hardly a secret & not something I mind sharing with people, in this digital world, you may know me as Krystal Gemma, or KG. I like to keep my professional & real life persona separate, a little mystery in this life is everything. My stage, business & creative name is Alexi Luna Lily, I use Luna for everything relating to my wellness spa.

I can be found under the alias Emilia on occasion for performances & creative pursuits.

KG | Luna | Alexi | Emilia

A woman has many names.




Where does The Cosmic Mergypsie originate from?

The Cosmic Mergypsie name came from a love of astronomy, adventure & fantasy. I studied in the fields of astronomy, astrobiology & physics, though space has been an interest of mine since I was a girl. I am the embodiment of the cosmos, the stars, the energy, the chaos. I am ancient, nature and spirit, all entwined. The Mergypsie part of the name is taken from my independent brand & store (discover here), which originates from my bohemian lifestyle & the ocean. The Mermaid (Siren)-Gypsy part of my spirit.

Pixie | Wildling | Wanderer

Warrior | Mage | Witch

Bohemian | Space Chic


Where do you hail from?

I was born to the rolling hills & little rivers of the Shire, as mentioned in my bio; though I have lived in many towns, cities, counties & countries. I resided in the south of England for a while, before taking the long road to the far north. It was in the far north, that I found my heart and home. My spiritual home remains the south-west hills and coastlines of ancient England.


What language(s) do you speak?

My mother tongue is English. I am currently studying Russian online & I try to learn basic phrases from many of my friends & tribe from around the planet. It’s good to communicate. I plan to also learn some additional language skills & understanding in the coming months.


What do you look like? What is your natural hair color?

This seems to be a question people ask a lot. The truth is I have my signature Boho-space-chic-mer-gypsie-grunge-pixie look but I like to play with style & often experiment with different looks too. In my daily life I rarely wear any cosmetics opting for the more natural look because my cosplay & performance characters create the opportunity to play with different looks online & in the real-world. Being comfortable in ones skin has become a passion of mine & with Cosmic Luna, I discuss this topic further.
I am petite, with naturally blue eyes & blonde hair. I usually keep my hair mid-to long length & my natural color is a Californian-honey-blonde though from time to time, I tone it white-silver blonde. Again opting in my daily life for very natural as creativity comes with all the characters I portray, therefore I try to look after my body, my cosmic spaceship & keep her as healthy as I can.

I’ve experimented with every hair color from Black, Brunette, Blonde, White, Silver, Grey, Blue, Purple, Pink, Ginger, Auburn, Green, Aqua, Rainbow & opting these days for my natural signature blonde. Though I own a closet of wigs and extensions, that I love to experiment with for different styles. Understanding of different cultures & traditions is incredibly important to me when I am experimenting with style & I like to learn everything about the culture as well as recreating the look.

I like to play dress-up but natural is my favorite look.


How would you describe yourself?

Empath | Philomath | Coach | Guru | Self-Believer | Wise Woman | Peace-Keeper | Trailblazer | Creative | Daydreamer

I am absolutely my folks daughter too, my mother a ballet dancer, artist, musician, bohemian pixie turned country woman not only encouraged me to express myself independently from childhood, but instilled in me her wild spirit, lust for life, adventure & love for those closest to her.

My father a learned man, a scientist & engineer with a passion for the night sky & physics not only enabled me to study and use technology from childhood, but also continued to nurture my interests & inspire me to seek knowledge for myself. My father is my hero, he taught me to love the outdoors to be at one with nature, to be comfortable in myself and my own company without feeling the need for outer validation.

My mother & father while equally different compliment each other in life, it’s an honour to be their daughter and to embody their traits as well as discovering who I am too.


Tell me about your hobbies, your passions…

Aside from the arts, magic, adventure, space, games, cosplay, music, history & science, I adore anything creative, spiritual, steeped in history, out among the wildness of nature, or at home deep in one of my books or journals. I adore learning and would consider myself a philomath, I often take courses to continue self-study with organizations and establishments around the world.

Spirituality, mind & body as well as wellness are all topics that sit atop of my passions. While I evolve as a human and let my interests develop, these have become areas in which I love to use my time and energy to communicate & align myself with the cosmos, so that I may help others.

If you’d like to learn more about my passions, you can discover more on the Bio page & the remainder of the pages in the menu at the top of the page.


What is Cosmic Luna?

Cosmic Luna is a space for spiritual wellness & magic to exist in the digital world. A home for the ancient arts and practices of mindfulness, wellness & of the wise woman in the modern day.

Connecting your spirit to the universe is powerful, the manifestation of energies flowing in your life bringing your mind, body & spirit into alignment and balance is a transformative experience. Through finding your soul path to the universe, you create the path to the life you desire.

Cosmic Luna Spiritual Spa is a space for all spirits of the world to connect, manifest their magic & feel empowered with kindness, light, good vibes & peace to live their most radiant life.

Discover more about Cosmic Luna.


What is Mergypsie Cove?

Mergypsie Cove is my brand, my independent store & business. There are three segments to Mergypsie Cove. The independent store, the Mergypsie Cove sanctuary & Mergypsie an independent fashion house. If you’d like to discover more about Mergypsie Cove, you can do so on the Mergypsie Cove page.


What makes your heart burn with desire?

The hills, mountains, dramatic expansive landscapes, I’ve definitely a wanderlust heart.

The stars, the endless night sky.

Dance, the way the human spirit & body entwine with music.

Fantasy, folklore & the mythical stories of the world and those beyond our physical realm.

Wellness & spirituality – how we connect to the cosmos around us & live the lives we are destined to live.

The humans I love most in this world, though I try to look for the good in all things & experiences as well as being at peace consistently within myself emitting that calmness outwardly to the universe.


What did you & are you studying currently?

I absolutely adore learning, choosing to further my knowledge & education at every opportunity that I can. Prior to completing my degree in Journalism (Print & Broadcast (major) with Documentary) I completed fourteen GCSE’s including Mathematics, Double Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics), English Literature, Language, Drama Studies, Textiles, Media Studies, Geography & more, A Level in Photography, AVCE in Performing Arts, AS Level Contemporary Dance, Communications Key Skills & an award with RADA in Shakespeare.

After my degree I began studying online adding to my knowledge base through a plethora of courses in topics that were both of interest & for evolving my professional career path.
I took time to do the Masterclass with Chris Hadfield in Space Exploration, Acting with Helen Mirren & Natalie Portman & Creative Writing with Margaret Atwood. I’ve completed Atmospheric Chemistry: Planets & Life Beyond Earth with the University of Leeds.

In 2021 following the worldwide pandemic, I completed my Covid 19: Psychological First Aid course with Public Health England.

I will in the fall be continuing to study in the field of space exploration, fashion & wellness as I continue to evolve my personal passions & my professional career.


What is your dance background?

I have done classical Ballet since the age of five, I absolutely love all forms of dance & expressive performance. I did Gymnastics from the age of seven.
My favorites include Ballet, Contemporary & Commercial dance. I fell in love with dance as a young girl, the magic of The Lord of the Dance struck my spirit hard, though in later life, after witnessing the magic of Circue Du Soleil & the Russian Moscow State Circus, I knew I wanted to entwine circus arts dance into my repertoire.
I began classes in Aerial Hoop & Silks, in twenty-twenty-three I will be doing Hoop & Aerial workshops alongside dance, yoga & meditation sessions through Mergypsie Sanctuary with the Cosmic Luna Coven.

In my spare time to continue expressing myself through dance & to further my own flexibility & skill, I attend classes with Neptune Girls, Pineapple Studios & The Royal Academy of Dance. I also partake in dance courses in my local area for Burlesque, Belly Dance & Contemporary.


How did your love of video games evolve?

Since my early childhood I’ve enjoyed playing video games. I used to play on my first ever desktop PC (when PC’s were monochrome display only!) Space Quest, my father then provided me with a color desktop PC and I continued to play Space Quest evolving later, to the Sega Mega-drive that I shared with my little brother. On to my first PlayStation, where I played a mixture of racing & adventure games including Spyro the Dragon & of course The Spice Girls game!
In my twenties I discovered Skyrim & this led me back into the world of video games, these days I play on PC via Steam on all manner of games, many of which I stream via Twitch. I also play on PlayStation. Discover more of my gaming adventures on the gaming page.


Tell me more about performing & these characters your portray…

I am a professional Cosplayer & Performer.
I attend a few events each year or partake in performances, depending on which aligns with my life more in that moment. I really enjoy creating characters and developing them as well as pushing my boundaries of creativity in putting together the character look & feel. I enjoy playing both characters from stories & characters that I’ve created myself.

I love exploring characters and have on occasion attended larp (live action role-play) game events as well as becoming characters for role-play games such as Dungeons & Dragons. I do these on rarer occasions so that I can take time for all my passions & professions but I still enjoy the magic of becoming these characters.

I’ve trained professionally as an actress ( stage and film), I’ve been lucky to work on-set and in productions though committing the time for long-running performances has become more difficult in recent years with the evolution of my digital projects & business with Cosmic Luna. That being said, from time-to-time I still take the occasional role.

I still model frequently & can be booked by using the Contact page. Though please read my disclaimers, before contacting me & respect my boundaries & levels.


What do you feel defines you?

Everything I am defines me. My actions define me.

I am becoming the woman I dream of being. My journey has begun.

If you’d like to discover still more about the human-alien behind the blog, then you can read my post ‘The Art of Dating Yourself…Sort Of‘ and if you’re keen to understand what forms the path I am creating for myself, you can follow my ‘101 in 1001’ challenge & join me on my curiosity journey of my extraordinary, ordinary life.

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