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Lexi Plays feature an array of the games that Lexi likes playing. The stream schedule below states when games are played. If you would like to play a session with Lexi, details can be found via the Patreon section at the end of this page. Vintage games from Sega like ToeJam & Earl, Ecco The Dolphin & classic game Zelda are also featured alongside a rotation of the games Lexi plays; from Tekken VII to DOTA II, Subnautica to Skyrim & all the games between.

The Lexi Plays streaming schedule listed below details information of all the streams with Lexi. Lexi loves to find games to play & from time to time will stream alternative games to those listed. Ensure you never miss an update by following Lexi on Instagram. If you’ve got a game you want to recommend too, contact Lexi via the Contact page.

Lexi plays all games via Steam. If you’re interested in playing games online or with Lexi, pop to Steam & create a profile. Add Lexi on SteamThe Cosmic Mergypsie.

From Skyrim to Stellaris & all games between, I play via PC; however I like to play the Playstation, Xbox & in the video game arcades when I can too [you can take the girl out of the 80’s but you can’t take the 80’s out of the girl].


England still has quaint little seaside towns that are home to an exciting array of video game arcades among the amusement fairs. It’s not just the coast, if you’re city based, Namco Gamescape in central London has an awesome selection of arcade games to keep any gamer entertained; you can find more about the Lexi gaming travel adventures on the blog too.

Since I first discovered Tamriel & began to wander around, I knew Skyrim was going to become one of my favorite games.

I like to escape to Tamriel from the real world for a while & often stream Skyrim adventures at the weekends when I can just amble around & find quests.


Assassin’s Creed, another game Lexi loved as a teen & one that she continues to play alongside Skyrim also appear in Lexi’s Cosplay adventures; discover more by popping to the Cosplay page.

Stellaris allows you to build your own galactic empire, whilst exploring the outer reaches of your star system. I absolutely love Stellaris, any game where I can be an adventurer or space captain exploring the stars is definitely a good game to me.













My passions don’t end with video & arcade games though, throughout my childhood I watched my little brother painting tiny figurines for battle at our hometown’s Games Workshop store. After much consideration I decided to invest in an army for myself & began building my little empire of figurines.

If you’re not familiar with Games Workshop, Warhammer, they are a British miniature war-gaming manufacturing company based out of Nottingham, England. The company are most well-known for their table-top games Warhammer Fantasy [Out of production], Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar & The Lord Of The Rings Strategy Battle Game.

If you’d like to develop your knowledge about Warhammer, you can learn more about this table-top game with it’s armies of models from Games Workshop on the blog in the Warhammer feature series.

From Warhammer 40,000 to Age of Sigmar, not to mention all the games and factions between, there certainly is something for everyone. Deciding which army you want to develop is entirely down to you; but the blog series features a bit of information about the many armies & the ones that caught my eye, which hopefully will inspire you on your own Warhammer curiosity adventure.

After much deliberation, I decided to invest in an army to fight battles with in the Mortal Realms & create my own little empire within the Age of Sigmar game.


These gnarly creature spirits caught my eye while perusing my local Games Workshop store. I decided then that it was time to stop looking at all the figures & begin investing. I had been looking casually for an army to invest in for some time, but had that instinctual feel towards the Nighthaunt when I saw their display & knew this was the army for me in this particular Warhammer chapter.

I’ll be sharing posts about my Warhammer adventures here on the blog, including posts about the figurines & the building of my empire for my story in Age of Sigmar.

Find my Warhammer posts via the Warhammer button in the sidebar. You can head straight to the Games Workshop site, Warhammer & the Age of Sigmar collections via the buttons in the sidebar too.

Among my other gaming interests are tabletop games, D&D campaigns as well as larping (live action role play). I post about my larp adventures on TCMG, you can discover more about my larping, characters & larp events via the LARP page.

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