A L E K S I | A R I | E L D L U N A

Wintermark – Steinr

Aleksi-Ari Eldluna

Mage & Warrior

Profound Decisions are the home of Empire Larp. With events throughout the year where the people of the realm gather together in Anvil; my larp adventures in the fantasy world of Empire have truly come to life this past year & I am fully immersing myself into the Larp way of life.
Anvil is the home setting for a powerful empire that is surrounded by hostile barbarians on all sides. The empire has grown in power & size for centuries but has experienced a decline in recent decades with territories being overrun by Barbarians.

With ten nations that make up the Empire,
Wintermark – Winterfolk – Three Peoples – One Nation – The Storm Will Never Break Us.
Revelling in battle, the indomitable Winterfolk stare down every threat with their heads unbowed. The Winterfolk are three great tribes – the wise Kallavesi, the bold Steinr and the clever Suaq – wrought into a single mighty nation. Their banner flies the three rings joined together – three peoples bound with one breath, three voices raised together against the storm. Strength, wisdom, cunning, entwined together to form an unbreakable cord.

They are the beating heart of the Empire, and they know that if only the other nations followed their example, the Empire would rule the world.

A hero has a name. We prize individuality; your name is the beginning of your story…

My character Aleksi-Ari Eldluna is of Steinr heritage, from the nation of Wintermark. The Winterfolk motto is ‘The Storm Will Never Break Us’.
Of a Nordic culture Aleksi is fair skinned with light hair, however she has changeling lineage within her, this is the touch of magic within your blood. Humans manifest trappings of any of the six lineages to a greater or lesser degree. The changeling lineage within Aleksi has morphed her appearance to pointed ears reminiscent of that to the Elves of Middle-Earth.
There are seven virtues that the people of the Empire live by: Ambition, Courage, Loyalty, Pride, Prosperity, Vigilance & Wisdom. By living your life encompassing these virtues into your thoughts and actions, you live the way of an abiding citizen of the Empire.
The practice of these virtues IC actually echoes into OC & vice versa for me. They have helped to shape my character Aleksi’s traits as well as strengthen my own personally in life.
 ☾ Lexi