Since my childhood, I have been captivated by the stars in the night sky. My father frequented NASA during my childhood and I would await his return for pictures & stories of the space missions.

While growing up in England, there wasn’t a space program to speak of, but I did get the opportunity to take part in the WISE scheme, this was via a bus at my high school, but it inspired me to continue studying the sciences.

While my experience of science stems from nature and beauty, during my mid twenties, after completing a masterclass in Space Exploration with Colonel Chris Hadfield [Canadian astronaut and commander of the ISS], I decided I would return to my studies.

While studying The Evolving Universe, Astrobiology & space craft manoeuvre courses, I found a passion for discovering the cosmos. I wished to share this incredible knowledge and understanding with others, I wished there had been more to encourage girls like myself into STEM careers when I had been younger. I created ‘Space Journeys with Lexi’ a cosmic adventure on board my star-ship ‘The Venus-Valkyrie’, the features can be discovered on the blog here.

It’s not just the stars and the cosmos that inspire me though, there are plenty of aspects of the sciences that fascinate me and leave me in awe. From time to time, I share features for those topics here on TCMG too.

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