One of the most beautiful things in life is community, the connection of like-minded spirits. In my life I am passionate about so many hobbies & past-times. Though distance can disturb how we interact with the passions that set our hearts on fire.

If this decade began with anything, it was with the lesson that humanity can & will adapt to changing circumstances & environments. This decade has shown that social media & the internet keep us connected like never before. Throughout the beginning of the decade I joined a few online communities that I resonated with & I feel like it’s been such a journey.

On this page you can find those communities. I am sharing them not only because they are a part of my world, but in the hope that if you are searching for something in life, or feeling like you too want connection and community in your life, then you can take a look at these beautiful digital tribes…

N E P T U N E | G I R L S

Neptune Girls empowerment & dance community,